We carry a wide range of water butt pumps, including models with & without swan-neck risers & float switches

We have a large selection of waterfall pumps, including some that can also run a fountain at the same time as the waterfall.

We carry the Draper Expert trash pumps, plus a budget model for more price conscious applications

We have a large selection of 12v pumps including air bed pumps & bilge pumps and compressors for car tyres.

If you need to water your garden and standard water butt pumps don't provide the volume or pressure you need, you'll love this higher powered irrigation pump

We are the UK Pump Shop. We don't (currently) offer any models for export. If you need help sizing a pump or determining which model of pump is best for you, send us an email to sales@pumpshop.co.uk and we'll be glad to help you out.

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